Metra Transit System holds meeting on the future of parking in Uptown Columbus

Metra Transit System holds meeting on the future of parking in Uptown Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Whether you call it uptown or downtown, people in Columbus know it’s difficult to find parking in that specific area.

This is why the Columbus Metra Transit System is hoping that adding meters in the Uptown area will help cut down some of the parking issues by giving people a time limit to park. Columbus Deputy City Manager Lisa Goodwin said they’re hoping to make a decision that will help the community.

“Well, I think the most important thing is we want to hear from the people," said Goodwin. "You know, is there an appetite for parking meters in Uptown? Really, that’s what this meeting is all about.”

The Columbus Metra System held a public meeting Thursday to discuss possible parking management plans. They also introduced the possibility of adding meters to regulate parking. A few options are to use pay stations that cover five to 10 spaces a block, multi-space parking meters in between two parking spaces, and mobile parking apps.

Some business owners in Uptown and workers in the area are concerned that parking meters will push people out of the area and inconvenience workers by making them walk long distances to their jobs.

One Columbus business owner said the area needs space to grow.

“It’s a real popular area, people want to be there, it’s growing everyday. Construction is everywhere and parking’s a premium. So we have to have solutions,” said Buddy Nelms.

Following the meeting, the parking management committee will request a proposal to see what type of vendors respond and look at that based on comments they received and the RFP to make a recommendation to city council.

City officials reassured people that no decisions have been made and they’re waiting to hear from the community first.

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