Muscogee County Jail no longer facing overpopulation

Muscogee County Jail no longer facing overpopulation

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - For many years, Muscogee County has faced an issue of overpopulation at the jail.

Currently, the Muscogee County Jail is not facing overpopulation. Officials said the jail has been well below capacity for several months.

Superior Court Chief Judge Gil McBride said part of the problem was a lack of available courtrooms. With the help of prosecutors, public, and private defenders, judges, and others, the jail population now sits at 91 percent capacity. This includes 79 murder suspects.

"And the meaningful comparison there is not how does that compare with every other county, but how does it compare with say, Bibb County, which is believe the last time I checked, was at about 100 percent of capacity,” said McBride.

McBride said there are some other issues they are working to improve like the indictment backup and a backup at the state crime lab. He said Muscogee County is doing very well compared to other metro and urban counties in the state.

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