Man fatally shot in front of 3 kids outside Mo. police station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSHB/CNN) - A suspect is in custody and an investigation underway after a man was fatally shot in front of three young children outside a Missouri police station.

Police say a 34-year-old man was shot in an SUV with three children, ages 3 to 7, also in the vehicle Friday afternoon outside the Kansas City Police’s Central Patrol Division. The man ran from the SUV, leaving the children behind, through the police station’s parking lot toward the front entrance, where he collapsed.

As officers from inside the police station responded to the sound of shots outside and rendered aid, others responded to the SUV after hearing the screams of the three children inside.

Paramedics took the man to a local hospital, where he died around 5:30 p.m.

None of the children were injured, but police are mobilizing community resources to assist with their trauma.

“It’s hard, you know. We’re out here trying to do everything we can to protect the community and be out here for everyone, and to have these type of situations happen in our own backyard, in our parking lot, it’s hard,” said police Capt. Tim Hernandez.

Branden Mims works with teenagers and young children who have been impacted by crime as part of the AdHoc Group Against Crime. He says children who witness shootings often experience difficulty sleeping, eating and processing what has happened.

“Children should never have to experience such horrific and traumatic events,” Mims said. “They relive those images in their minds day in and day out. It is absolutely life-altering. You will never forget, get over or get past seeing something like this.”

Mims says one of the most difficult ideas to convey to young crime victims or witnesses is that such violence is not normal.

A person of interest was taken into custody without incident Friday at a nearby residence. It's unclear how or if the person of interest is connected to the victim or the children. Details of what led up to the shooting have not been released.

Police say no other suspects are being sought at this time.

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