Dashcam video shows police chase leading up to fatal shooting of N.J. shoplifting suspect

Dashcam video shows dramatic police chase in New Jersey

BLOOMINGDALE, N.J. (WCBS/CNN) – A shoplifting suspect is dead after an extended police chase in New Jersey that was caught on camera.

A Riverdale police officer’s dashcam was recording while he chased the shoplifting suspect on Jan. 23.

The officer can be heard saying he’s chasing the suspect at 80 mph. Then the suspect peels off onto a side road.

A postman waves the officer in the right direction, but it’s a dead end, and the suspect barrels back toward the officer, narrowly missing him.

Several police vehicles join the lengthy chase as they funnel into a small residential street.

Video from a nearby home shows the suspect’s last-ditch effort to get away, hitting a police cruiser. That’s when he was fatally shot.

Fourteen shots can be heard. And the man who police said took off after shoplifting from a Home Depot was dead.

“I got a call from my landlord. He said, ‘Did you see what’s going on in front of our … you know, in the driveway?’” said Mike Reynolds, who rents the home that became the backdrop for the scene.

Reynolds wasn’t home when it happened, and he hoped watching the video would provide some clarity.

"The guy made a really foolish decision to run away from the police,” said resident John Lindemulder. “I don't know why he would do that. It cost him his life."

Lindemulder said the tragedy is affecting the whole community.

It’s still unclear whether the suspect pulled a weapon of his own. It’s also unclear what the person is accused of stealing, or what the charge would have been.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office is investigating to find out what happened.

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