Tow truck driver intervenes in police chase of stolen ambulance in Pa.

PHILADELPHIA (KYW/CNN) - A tow truck driver attempted to stop a man leading police on a chase through Philadelphia on Monday.

The chase began when a 42-year-old man stole an ambulance as medics and police responded to a possible assault at a hotel.

Despite being shot by an officer, the suspect led police on a 90-minute chase.

“Basically, no regard for life, he struck a couple of other vehicles and sent a couple of people to the hospital,” Joell Hilton said.

Hilton, the owner of a local towing company, was responding to a call when the scene unfolded right in front of him. He decided to intervene and try to stop the stolen ambulance.

“I hit the left tire, I hit the right tire, I tried to go for the radiator, and he spun me out,” Hilton said. “There was nothing I could do at that point. I kind of backed off at that point and let police just take over.”

Hilton was able to flatten some the suspected vehicle’s tires during his effort.

He said that he has family members who are police officers and it was because of them that he acted.

“I wouldn’t want them in the line of duty being injured by somebody that’s either on drugs or anything like that,” Hilton said.

The suspect was later apprehended. He faces several charges including robbery and carjacking.

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