Couple saves stranger’s life after seeing him collapse from seizures in Calif.

MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL/CNN) - A routine errand for one California couple turned into a dramatic rescue when they stopped to help a bicyclist after he collapsed and suffered several seizures.

Stoney Hughes and her boyfriend, Daniel Ward, say they pulled over when they saw a bicyclist collapse on the street in Modesto, California. He seized at least four times, they say.

Hughes dialed 911, while Ward held the stranger in his arms until EMTs took over.

“The only thing I had in my head at that point was just be there for him,” Ward said. “Held his hand... I didn’t care that I got his blood on me, just be there for somebody as they’re in pain.”

The couple says they watched helplessly as crews tried to revive the man. Thirty minutes later, they had no choice but to leave, left to wonder.

“I honestly thought he was gone, and he [Ward] thought he was gone. We just didn’t know,” Hughes said.

Hughes and Ward were brokenhearted for days, thinking the man they tried to help had died, so they turned to social media. They wanted to attend his funeral, find his family and pay their respects.

Instead, they got some welcome news: the man survived.

“To be able to know that he made it and that he [Ward] was there with him that whole time,” Hughes said.

Ward says the incident was especially meaningful to him because his younger brother suffered a seizure two years ago, but with no one around to help, his brother died.

“The thing I could think of for this guy was just be there for him because nobody was there for my little brother,” Ward said.

The stranger the couple helped is no longer a stranger. They have since visited him in the hospital.

“As soon as we walked in the door, he knew who we were, and he was like, ‘You were the people that saved my life,’" Hughes said.

The couple says they don’t consider themselves heroes. They’re just grateful they were able to help.

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