Ebony Giddens’ family asks for closure in her disappearance two years later

Updated: Mar. 12, 2020 at 7:13 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - March 12 may not be an important date for many people, but for one Columbus family, it’s extremely significant and tragic.

It’s the anniversary of the day Ebony Giddens was last heard from alive.

Two years can seem like a lifetime or like two seconds depending on who you talk to in Ebony Giddens’ family. This anniversary is a reminder of a missing piece of their heart.

Looking at this family, it appears whole, large and tight-knit. But someone’s missing--- 27-year-old Ebony Giddens.

“It feels like a nightmare," said Ashley Jones. “It just doesn’t feel real, like someone’s missing and no one’s trying to do anything about it. no one’s trying to find where she is. Everybody’s trying to sweep it under the rug. it just feels unreal.”

Family members last spoke to Ebony Giddens two years ago, March 12, 2018, during a late night phone conversation. The following morning, Ebony Giddens’ brother went to her home to pick up her sons for school and she was gone,never to be seen or heard from again. Family members said Ebony Giddens would not have just disappeared without them knowing.

“No, she just loved her kids too much. She was an awesome mother. There would be no reason for her to go anywhere and not reach out to her mom, her brother, her cousins. She would never do that," Shilon Johnson said.

Ebony Giddens leaves behind three sons, and an extremely tight-knit family. Her cousins said they will always tell those boys about their mother.

“I think she was a great mom and they will always know that. We will always let them know she loved them and cared about them, and they were her number one priority," Lakeithia Giddens said.

Ebony Giddens’ family members believe foul play may be involved, saying they believe her ex-boyfriend has something to do with her disappearance. He is currently convicted of other violent charges against her, but not facing charges for her disappearance. The missing person’s case is still open.

“But the hurt and the pain is still there because we don’t know where she is or where she might be. So, we still have unanswered questions that we need," Jones said.

“If anything happened out of the ordinary, just say something because it may be small to you but it may be the missing piece they need to solve the mystery of where she is," Johnson said.

Family members said since two years have come and gone, Ebony Giddens is probably no longer with us, but they still need those answers and closure, especially for her three young boys.

“If they do know something, we still want them to say something. So that’s it. We still want answers. Just say something because it could be your mom, it could be your aunt, it could be your sister, it could be you," Johnson said.

If you can help this family finally get some answers, contact Columbus police.

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