Hero police officer helps save baby having a seizure

HACKENSACK, N.J. (WABC/CNN) - A little girl is lucky to be alive in New Jersey and her mom says that is thanks to a fast-acting police officer.

Officer Mark Carrillo says the child was not even crying when he got to one-year-old Amelia.

“I was terrified ... I thought I was losing her,” Amelia’s mother said.

Amelia had not been feeling well and was lying in her grandmother’s lap when the toddler’s condition drastically changed.

“My mom said she looked down and she noticed like her eyes ... just rolling in the back of her head.," her mother said.

While Amelia’s grandmother was on the phone with 911, the 29-year-old mother raced down from the sixth floor of the apartment building.

“Her lips just turned purple and in that instant when, my mom’s on 911, I said, ‘Let me just at least be down there so they don’t have to come on upstairs,'” she said.

Carrillo knew that he could get to the hospital within one minute with his lights on and decided to “just drive the child and her mother to the hospital.”

That trip to Hackensack University Medical Center has added years to Amelia’s life.

“I didn’t know what to do in a situation like this and the ambulance was taking too long for me because the way she was looking," her mother said. "I was thinking that by the time they get here, it was going to be over and he was really extremely, extremely a lifesaver.”

Amelia received treatment in the emergency room and is recovering.

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