Gas prices fall below $2 a gallon in 12 states

The national average is $2.19

Gas prices fall below $2 a gallon in 12 states
It’s been more than three years since gas prices have been this low. (Source: CNN)

(CNN/Gray News) – Gasoline prices are falling across the country, with a dozen states now averaging less than $2 a gallon for regular, according to AAA.

Nationally, the average is $2.19 – the lowest its been since Dec. 2016. Prices are down 13 cents in the last week.

“This is unprecedented,” Tom Kloza, head of energy analysis for the Oil Price Information Service, told CNN Business.

He believes the national average price will probably decline further, perhaps to between $1.25 to $1.50 per gallon, in the next few months.

Over the last month, light crude oil prices have dropped more than 50%. Wholesale prices for unleaded gasoline are down nearly 60%.

Despite the lower prices, many drivers won’t be able to take advantage of the cheaper pump prices.

Because of coronavirus travel restrictions and requirements to work from home, people won’t be buying as much gas as normal.

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