Muscogee County sees first case of COVID-19 coronavirus

Muscogee County sees first case of COVID-19 coronavirus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Muscogee County now has one confirmed positive case of COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Georgia Department of Public Health reports that Muscogee County now has one positive case.

They also report that Georgia has a total of 287 positive cases and 10 deaths.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson held a press conference Thursday to discuss the case. He said he wants people to avoid being afraid.

Henderson said city council is looking into some proposed changes, which will be discussed at their meeting on Tuesday. As of now, businesses and restaurants are not being mandated to close because of one confirmed case of the coronavirus.

Information on the patient is limited. Officials confirmed that the patient is quarantined.

The biggest thing the mayor said to do is remember the cleanliness skills you learned as a child, wash your hands, stay away from other people, and lastly, make sure what you’re sharing with others is truthful information and not rumors.

“The key thing we try to avoid is fear,” said Henderson. “Our biggest challenge is some of the information that gets put out. As we’ve advised you in the past, if you see something on Facebook or you hear something from somebody, please verify it before you put it out and try to start sharing that information.”

Henderson also enforced social distancing at the press conference. He said the goal now is to slow this virus down and hopefully prevent it from spreading to other people in the community.

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