Columbus mayor self-quarantines for COVID-19 safety precaution

Columbus mayor self-quarantines for COVID-19 safety precaution

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson is now self-quarantining at his home after he said he came into contact with someone a little more than a week ago who has since been tested for COVID-19.

Henderson said he feels great and doesn’t have any coronavirus or other flu-like symptoms. He said he wants to practice what health officials have been preaching after coming into contact with someone who has been tested for COVID-19.

“I bumped into somebody that I know a little over a week ago and they have since gone into the hospital and I think had the test," said Henderson. “I think their doctor says the chances of it being positive are like less than one percent, but we just figured better safe than sorry.”

Henderson said he hopes the test results for the person he came in contact with come back within the next few days.

“If you have any, any reason, I mean I have very little reason to believe that I should self quarantine, but I did because I don’t want to take any chances on something really unusual popping up. So, that’s what we’re asking others to do and I just felt like I need to lead by example," Henderson explained.

Henderson said we are in control of this virus; meaning that we’re going to get through this by practicing habits suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The only way we’re really going to have any impact on the spread of this virus is to count on one another. We’ve got to make sure that we maintain some physical distance between each other and be smart. Wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough," said Henderson.

Henderson wants citizens to take this coronavirus pandemic seriously, but said this is not a time to panic.

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