WTVM Editorial 3-24-20: Good news

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 3:54 PM EDT
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(WTVM) - This week marks the second half of the 15 days the President’s Coronavirus Task Force recommends we keep to ourselves, limiting exposure to others and hopefully slowing the numbers of new infections.

By now, we know by heart to wash our hands frequently, stay home if sick and to especially protect the elderly and most vulnerable.

So let’s focus on something else the virus brings: positive energy, creativity and, yes, good news.

Last week we met two kids being taught at home. William Bathauer and his sister Claire were beyond adorable as they described their new routine.

“It feels kind of weird because there’s not two people teaching me, and we’re not doing stations," he said. “That’s the weirdest thing.”

William and Claire’s mom, a certified teacher, gave other homebound parents some great tips.

Then there were the people our Dave Platta found, amusing themselves outside and giving us all a pep talk.

“I love my city and being part of a group of people that know we have a future and that we have great hope,” said John Iniego.

And Paws Humane released a cute-as-can-be video with pets showing us the proper virus-related-behavior and encouraging all those staying at home to foster an animal while they may have some extra time on their hands.

Add to this the many schools and neighbor-helping-neighbor food giveaways and it paints a picture we need to see, especially now. We want to thank them all.

We want to hear about your positive stories. We promise to cover as many as we can. Email us here.

It’s important to balance the news everyday but especially now, when it’s easy to succumb to negative virus news.

Positivity will give us the patience needed to follow the rules that will keep us safe.

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