Feeding the Valley Food Bank in need of donations during COVID-19 pandemic

Feeding the Valley Food Bank in need of donations during COVID-19 pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Feeding the Valley Food Bank has been committed to serving the hungry since the 80′s.

The food bank services counties in West Georgia and Russell County, Alabama.

In effort to continue that service during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s using mobile pantry boxes to safely distribute food.

“We pack the boxes here with 25 to 35 pounds of food and then we’ll have the recipients pop their trunks, and as them come by, they’ll put the food in their trunks and let the car go on,” said Steve Watson, director of operations and Feeding the Valley Food Bank. “That way the volunteers aren’t touching the cars.”

Watson said the combination of using boxes to distribute food and the increase of people needing assistance during the pandemic has become expensive.

“The mobile pantry boxes that we’re using are 50 cents a piece. We order those in a lot of 60,000. So, you put the math together, that’s a little over $20,000. Like we have said we have ramped that up," said Watson.

He also said Feeding the Valley will be good for the next 90 days, depending on what happens with the virus. They’re asking people in the community to help by giving monetary donations to help them last through the pandemic.

“Take care of your neighbors. If you’ve got extra, we can use the extra money to help buy the boxes and in the future it’s gonna help,” Watson said.

To donate to Feeding the Valley Food Bank, click here.

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