Community providing support to healthcare workers in the Chattahoochee Valley amid COVID-19 pandemic

Community providing support to healthcare workers in the Chattahoochee Valley amid COVID-19 pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The COVID-19 pandemic is prompting a major need for additional resources by hospitals, including personal protective equipment for healthcare workers plus emotional support for those doctors, nurses, and medics on the front lines each day.

Aline Lasseter, executive director of the Piedmont Columbus Regional Foundation, Community Benefit and Volunteer Service, said while they receive community support year-round, more people have been reaching out during the coronavirus crisis. She said their foundation is doing whatever they can to take burdens off their nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That first two weeks, no one really knew what we needed," said Lassiter. “We didn’t really know what we needed. We needed to help support our nurses and make sure that were all, you know, in the right head-space, that they knew they were being taken care of.

Lasseter saaid monetary donations can be designated as gifts for the COVID-19 Infrastructure Fund. The COVID-19 Fund has been established to provide support to Piedmont Columbus Regional in their efforts to strengthen their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s not business as usual. We are trying to change the way we are really doing business with the PPE purchases, making sure that all of our ventilators and all of our equipment are in top working condition. We expect a wave of patients to be here. We expect any day so, we want to be ready," she said.

Organizations throughout the community are showing their support for healthcare workers. Pastor Jimmy Elder with First Baptist Church said they’re encouraging healthcare workers in anyway they have a chance to help them.

“We owe them a debt of gratitude because every time they take a risk of exposure, they have concerns when they go home. They have concerns in other ways, but they’re staying in there for us," said Elder.

Lasseter said providing meals is another way the community is supporting healthcare workers.

“Our nurses reaction to the restaurants and individuals who have provided outreach has been extraordinary. It’s really just ‘who did this?’ and ‘how can we thank them?’” Lasseter explained.

Lasseter said they’re providing daycare for all of their nurses while kids are out of school. They also have pastoral care services available whenever they need it.

Another way to show support for healthcare workers is by tagging them in an appreciative social media post.

Piedmont has created a way community members can volunteer their efforts. Those interested in helping can send their name, phone number, email address, and how they would like to help to and someone from the PCR Foundation will reach out to them.

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