Kentucky family holds drive-by funeral to honor loved one

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB/CNN) - Social distancing is keeping families apart during some of the most difficult times, but a Kentucky family found a way to honor their loved one while keeping a safe distance.

“We’re showing respects for my nephew, John Renn, who died in a car accident over the weekend,” Rick Obst said.

Cars stopped in front of Renn’s family’s front yard to pay their respects. A photo of the 31-year-old father was displayed on an easel at the end of the driveway.

People tossed flowers out of their car windows and released balloons to honor Renn.

“There’s no really other way to acknowledge them other than a phone call or text, which is great too," said Obst. “But they’re gonna be able to see the people and feel the people that love them.”

Obst says that even though his family may not be able to shake hands or hug each other during this tragedy, they can still show their love and grieve together, even from a distance.

“These kinds of celebrations have to be done and can be done. We’re trying to set an example hopefully of how we can do this the best way and still stay safe from the coronavirus,” he said.

Even though the virus keeps everyone far apart, the connection, support and love is still felt.

“Nothing’s going to beat a hug. Nothing’s going to beat a kiss, but this is all we got,” Obst. said.

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