Public access to CCG buildings to be restricted due to ongoing COVID-19 developments

Public access to Columbus Consolidated Government Buildings will be restricted starting Monday.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Public access to Columbus Consolidated Government Buildings will be restricted due to COVID-19. Mayor Skip Henderson and City Manager Isaiah Hugley announced these limitations Friday as part of an ongoing effort to “flatten the curve” of the virus.

Beginning Monday, Apr. 6, the general public is not allowed to enter any Columbus Consolidated Government buildings as city leaders say this is a measure to help keep the coronavirus from spreading too quickly.

“We recognize that this is going to be a difficult for our citizens, but we believe we’ve made the best decision based on what’s coming down from the national, state governments," said Hugley.

He says all city departments will remain open to provide services to citizens in a modified, non-traditional way.

“We believe that we are going to be able to continue to service the citizens not at the 100% level that they are accustomed to, but at a very high level and so I’m confident that government operations here in Columbus, Georgia will go on," the City Manager said.

Hugley says the different departments throughout the city, which includes the courts, have sent in plans for employees to work from home or implement alternate work schedules.

Hugley urges the community to pay attention to guidance from health officials during these unprecedented times.

“As local public officials, we’ve not dealt with it before and so we all need to just follow the guidelines, instructions. Be safe. Be smart so that we can flatten the curve and get back to a sense of normalcy," Hugley explained.

The City Manager says they don’t anticipate any problems being able to contact various city departments, but if anyone does have any issues making contact with a city department, Hugley says to call 311.

Columbus Consolidated Government buildings will be closed to the public through Apr. 30th. A full list of alternate measures being taken by city departments as they continue to or services can be found here.

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