Man creates device to help illustrate social distancing

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WXMI/Tribune/CNN) - It’s not easy to visualize exactly how far 6 feet of distance really is.

That, of course, is how far health officials say you should be from others during the COVID-19 crisis.

A Michigan man is hoping to change that with a new device.

“Social distancing is 6 feet, and I always thought, ‘Do people really realize how far 6 feet really is?’” Dan Kuhnle said.

That’s when he went to work, with the help of his wife Molly, to create this device out of some common household items.

“These are tent poles. I duct tape these together. It’s about 40 feet in circumference, and it’s a lot of duct tape,” Kuhnle said.

And he took to Rockford, running the sidewalks around town to make sure people are aware that this is the proper distance needed to protect yourself and those around you.

“People immediately knew what this was, and it was social distancing. I didn’t have to say much,” Kuhnle said.

The most common reaction is laughter, and most take out their phones to snap a photo of him and his device. Kuhnle said he loves spreading those smiles.

“I love everyone’s reaction to the video. It’s all been positive. Everyone’s laughing. It’s one thing I feel strongly about that I was created to bring joy to people, and that’s what it seems to be doing,” Kuhnle said.

While this is something to take very seriously, Kuhnle said there’s nothing wrong with sharing a few laughs during these tough times.

“It’s fun to laugh at something that’s serious. I don’t know. I’m a peacemaker at heart, so I like to take confrontational things and 'Hey guys, hi,” Kuhnle said.

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