'The U.S. wasn’t ready’ Ga. congressmen respond to COVID-19 concerns

'The U.S. wasn’t ready’ Ga. congressmen respond to COVID-19 concerns

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Congress is working to provide aid, relief, and even encouragement during this unprecedented time.

Representatives Sanford Bishop and Drew Ferguson belong to different political parties but some of their ideas right now are the same. Both congressmen said the U.S. was not ready for this pandemic but we will get through it.

“I don’t think America, or the world quite candidly, in modern times has seen anything like this," Ferguson said.

COVID-19 is bringing a sense of uncertainty not only to our communities but to Congress. Ferguson and Bishop represent districts three and two in Georgia.

“We have a really, really hot spot in our district in Southwest Georgia. We’ve had a tremendous number of positive tests, a high number of deaths, and it’s created a tremendous situation which has been a real challenge to deal with," said Bishop.

While they work against the clock to bring about stimulus and rescue packages to the nation, each leader has specific focuses. For Ferguson, it’s keeping small businesses afloat.

“The paycheck protection plan is a loan from the treasury and SBA, small business administration, that will allow businesses to pay for their employees salaries, their health benefits, they can use it to pay rent or mortgage and utilities," Ferguson said.

For Bishop, his focus is front line workers.

“So we’ve got to put some additional resources in there to help protect the people on the front lines so they cannot only be protected while they are assisting those who are suffering from the coronavirus, but they can also get some additional pay," Bishop said.

Both representatives said the U.S. was not ready for this pandemic, but leaders will take this lesson and move forward, using this to pave the way for future planning.

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