Muscogee Co. political parties react to delay in Georgia elections

Muscogee Co. political parties react to delay in Georgia elections

ATLANTA, Ga. (WTVM) - Georgia is one of 16 states that postponed its primary elections due to the coronavirus pandemic back in March, but now the Peach State is postponing the election again.

The Muscogee County Republican Party said delaying the primaries will likely help with voter turnout.

“The further we move down the road, the people that are fearful will still be cautious, but I think moving it in June is a positive thing to do. I think it’ll make people more apt to go vote,” said Alton Russell withe the Muscogee County Republican Party.

According to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, growing reports of difficulties from county election officials brought on by COVID-19, presented challenges that could not be resolved in time for voters to go to the polls on April 27.

Muscogee County Democratic Committee chair member Laura Walker encouraged people to fill out absentee ballots to ensure they vote for the upcoming election.

“This is what they look like and don’t throw them out. They are vital, they are the safest and most secure way to vote no matter what happens with this pandemic, if you fill out this application and then when you get your ballot, send it in," said Walker.

Absentee ballot applications for the Georgia primaries are still being accepted and processed by counties, even if the application said May 19. Once county election officials properly verify the signature on the application, voters will be sent an absentee ballot for the primary election, now scheduled for June 9.

The voter registration deadline for the June 9 election will be May 11 and early voting will begin on May 18. Moving the primary election to June 9 will move the primary runoff to August 11.

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