Man makes squirrel picnic tables to pass time during coronavirus outbreak

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KMAX/KOVR/CNN) – A California man is making the most out of his time at home during the coronavirus crisis.

Though he’s in the refrigeration business, a stay-at-home order has inspired Juan Najera to take up woodwork.

He says demand for his miniature picnic tables has taken off. But there’s something unique about his pieces: Most of his customers are furry.

“You set it outside, you can put a little treat,” said Najera, touching one of the tiny table tops. “Squirrels come up, birds come up.”

That’s right – the miniature wooden structures are for small animals, and Najera is offering them to his human neighbors for free.

“I put it on the Nextdoor neighbor app, and from there people were going nuts for it,” he said, pun intended.

It’s a project Najera never thought would take off the way it has, but he’s happy to help his neighbors – and their backyard visitors – feel chipper.

“Hopefully it lightens up somebody’s day and brings some joy through these difficult times that we’re going through right now,” Najera said.

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