Phenix City doctor’s office using telemedicine for patient visits

Updated: Apr. 21, 2020 at 6:44 PM EDT
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PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - Due to the coronavirus pandemic, doctor’s offices are having to rethink the way they conduct patient visits.

Thanks to modern technology and something called “telemedicine,” patients can communicate with their doctors in the comfort of their homes by simply using their phones or computers.

Doctors and patients at Preferred Medical Group in Phenix City are taking advantage of this growing trend. For Brandy Clark, a single mom of two little girls, having this option during the pandemic is everything.

“Having to bring them both in and having to expose them to everything, I mean, it’s a hassle just to go to the grocery store, but more so when you have to go to the doctor’s office,” she said.

For each medical practice, it may be different, but at Preferred Medical Group, they use a platform that is safe and secure for patients. The doctor’s office will send a link to your computer or phone and then you click on that link and you’re instantly connected to the doctor.

For those who may not have access to video chat, there’s a solution for that too, according to Dr. Ritu Chandra.

“Say supposing your patient is a senior citizen and they don’t even have a smartphone, right now under the pandemic guidelines, we are allowed to also do a simple phone call and say ‘hey, what’s going on? How can I help you?’," she said. "Even a phone call is counted as a visit.”

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing to use $200 million from the economic stimulus package to aid in telemedicine. If passed by the commission, it will help practices across the country implement this service.

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