Some local gyms opening Friday

Some local gyms opening Friday

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - All-Fitness in Columbus is quiet now, but on Friday things could get busy. Chico Getskow is one of many business owners who felt the sting of COVID-19. He had to shut the doors for the last few weeks, which wasn’t easy.

“[I was] struggling, very much so," Getskow said.

Now with Governor Brian Kemp’s loosened restrictions on open businesses, people can return to some local gyms to get their workout in.

“All my people calling saying hey I want to renew my membership. I’m coming back Friday and that was a blessing," Getskow said.

But it’s not without its own restrictions. People at the gym are to maintain social distancing, no more than 12 people can be in the gym at one time. Members are required to wipe down all equipment before and after use. No guests, only members. And their temperature will be taken before entering. They also plan to provide gloves and hand sanitizer for those that need them.

“We’ve just got to be more clean and be more cautious," Getskow said.

Jerry Oates is a partner with Getskow, and they planned to open the gym under a new name this Friday before COVID-19 struck, so the timing has worked out.

“We’re going to be limited, but we hope everybody can get their workout in," Oates said.

While it's important to them as a business to get the people back in, they know it's just as important to still follow guidelines in place.

“If everybody listens to what’s supposed to be done, everybody’s going to be fine,” Oates said.

Getskow is like many others who hopes to see the numbers go down and one day get the gym fully opened.

“I just thank God and I pray for our nation that we can overcome this," Getskow said.

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