‘Be the Sunshine:’ New mural on display in Uptown Columbus

‘Be the Sunshine:’ New mural on display in Uptown Columbus
Confetti Sunshine Wall mural in Uptown Columbus (Source: Evelyn Henson)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Despite the dark times brought about the COVID-19 pandemic, a new mural in Uptown Columbus is hoping to lift the community’s spirits.

The artist, Evelyn Henson, describes the mural as a ‘confetti sunshine wall.’

“I think sometimes the little things we do in everyday life (calling a friend just to check in or bringing a neighbor food) feel insignificant, but it’s like a piece of confetti: alone it looks unimportant, but, together, they ultimately add up into something big, bright, and beautiful. When you look at the confetti sunshine wall and read the reminder to “be the sunshine,” I hope that’s the message you take away: that you can make a difference by being the sunshine one small act of kindness at a time,” said Henson in an Instagram post.

The mural, located at the corner of 12th St. and 2nd Ave., reminds the community to ‘be the sunshine.’

“Right now, I see the power of sunshine more than ever through the healthcare heroes, food bank volunteers, and everyone else stepping up to help in this time of need,” said Henson.

You can see more of Henson’s work by clicking here.

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