Calif. health care workers start rock band to combat social distancing anxieties

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. (KCRA/CNN) - A group of California health care workers have started a rock band in the hopes of giving people something to do as they wait out the pandemic.

The band, named Tachy Phylanges, consists of a neurologist, pediatrician and two trained paramedics.

They had their first pop-up concert in a driveway on Saturday, complete with social distancing precautions. The band members stayed six feet apart by using pickup trucks and handmade stages.

“Trying to spread love, not the virus,” band member Peter Skaff said. “Spread music, not the virus.”

The driveway concert had two goals.

The first goal was to motivate neighbors to step outside so they can see and talk with each other from a safe distance.

“I think we are all feeling this yearning for connectiveness,” Skaff said.

The other goal was to address the negative impacts social isolation has on mental health, especially in younger people.

“For them to not be around their friends and not doing all this stuff, it’s very challenging for them as well,” band member Danton Kono said. “We definitely know what everyone is going through. We’re experiencing it ourselves.”

The band will host a second free concert on Thursday. They urge people to watch it on the band’s Facebook page instead of trying to attend the live performance.

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