WTVM Editorial 4-24-20: Thanks to my team

Updated: Apr. 24, 2020 at 2:01 PM EDT
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(WTVM) - We can never thank our healthcare workers enough for what they are doing to answer the call of treating and testing COVID-19 patients. It’s the same for first responders – ambulance crews, firefighters, police – they’ve all earned our deepest thanks and respect.

And if your business remains open, I know you are just as grateful to your own employees, for all they are doing to keep your business running.

I would like to add a group that deserves my thanks and appreciation, the entire staff of WTVM.

I’m really proud of my employees and want to acknowledge some of the ones you never see. I appreciate all of them – especially now.

As essential workers, the WTVM staff has to produce more than six hours of live local news everyday, which is an even tougher technological task than usual with so many employees working from home.

It’s their job to report the latest local news and you expect our WTVM news team to do that job, without fail.

Besides the familiar faces you see on the air delivering that news, I want to express my thanks to some of our staff who perform indispensable duties to keep WTVM running smoothly, especially now.

Rick Kosobucki is one of our talented master control operators keeping us on the air.

Josh Gill is our IT Manager who makes it possible for so many of our employees to work from home.

Stacie Griffin is one of our talented sales assistants along with Lindsey Maldonaldo, Kimberly Johnson and Ed Robinson. They work hard to bring you messages from advertisers.

Advertising is the only way we can pay our bills, so our entire Sales team, though never seen on the air, performs the critical function of bringing in the revenue.

Also on the job every day during this crisis, are news producers like Antonio Reese, Jasmin Moon and Brandy Harris, who you also never see, but they organize and prepare the newscasts you watch every day.

Special thanks goes to Aaron Lee, our very talented Operations manager who keeps everything running smoothly.

Each of my employees is special, and talented in their own unique ways.

During this time of forced separation, I want to publicly thank them all for staying focused and working so hard for WTVM.

I’m sure you agree that the people you work with deserve recognition, too.

So, as we eagerly await the time everyone is back to work, this is a great time for every business to take a minute to thank our loyal employees for everything they do.

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