Williams works and wait for CFL to crank up 2020 season

Williams works and wait for CFL to crank up 2020 season

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Ucambre Williams has become a fixture in the Canadian Football League. Williams was a key part in the Calgary Stampeders three straight trips to the Grey Cup Finals, and their capturing the championship in 2018, as the center anchoring the Stamps dominant offensive line.

“It's one of those things I'll never forget,” sais Williams. “It was something that I will cherish forever, because we went to the Grey Cup three years in a row. To win that third one and to know how it feels to lose before that, it was a lot. I'm just appreciative and I thank God every day.”

It's a new day for the former South Alabama Jaguar as he gets ready for his fifth season in the CFL. Williams has a new two-year deal with the Stampeders, who are moving him from center to tackle. He loves the challenge of the position switch.

“I just want to go up there and prove myself,” said Williams, “thanking the team that believed in me to give me a contract and just show them what I’ve got. They know I can play, but I just want to prove myself, keep proving myself every day. I can't really do that with Corona, but hopefully we can get everything resolved soon.”

Ah, that COVID thing that’s thrown sand into everybody’s gears. Instead of being up in Calgary already, Williams is in Columbus doing what he can to prepare before he once again makes the trek from Alabama to Alberta.

“It's kind of hard, but I've been working here at Impact Performance” Williams said. “The guys here, we understand what it takes to be ready for a season, so just being around some guys that understand what I have to go through is good. I'm communicating with my coaches about game plans and plays over Zoom, so everything's been going pretty good.”

The clock is ticking though, and because of the weather up north, Canada has a little less room to maneuver.

“The weather’s bad and only one team plays in a dome so it’ll be kind of awkward up there playing, but they can’t push it back that far. I feel like September, Labor Day, is the cutoff date, so if we get started before then I think we’ll be fine. It’s going to be tough for everybody to get adjusted to, but I just want to play ball. Whatever they give us, I’ll be appreciative of that.”

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