Muscogee County Democratic Committee hosts forum for school board candidates

Muscogee County Democratic Committee hosts forum for school board candidates

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - With the election just around the corner, several local school board candidates talked about COVID-19 related challenges the school district is facing Tuesday night.

The Muscogee County Democratic Committee hosted this virtual forum.

Candidates talked about what they would like to spend money on if they had a large budget. Answers included school buses and literacy programs for parents.

Participants included District 7 Incumbent Cathy Williams.

“I will fight to the end to make sure that District 7 has that equitable resources that all our schools will need," Williams said.

Dr. Walter Taylor who is running for the District 7 seat also participated.

“Literacy and education are the building blocks of shaping our community into becoming hubs for successful young adults," Taylor said.

Sherrie Aaron, who is running for District 3, also took part in Tuesday night’s forum.

“I plan to be present at every turn for every voter just as I am today," Aaron said.

District 3 Incumbent Vanessa Jackson was not able to join due to her job of serving families of first responders being exceptionally busy.

Williams said the biggest challenge the district is facing are the pending state budget cuts that will impact educators and schools.

“We were so close to getting over what the last great recession did to our district. We were just that close to getting everything that we wanted five years ago, seven years ago, today and this is going to set us back," Williams explained.

Taylor said the pandemic is worsening the social-economic issues in District 7.

“It is imperative that organizations become partners with our local schools so that the schools are able to foster the environments that are suitable for education," Taylor said.

Aaron said one of the biggest challenges is getting students back in schools.

“Figuring out how to come up with creative ways to manage COVID-19 in the schools as far as additional testing or whatever ideas that’s put out there from the CDC, or what we come up with collectively," Aaron said.

Early voting is already underway in Muscogee County. The Muscogee County School Board election is non-partisan.

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