Ga. highway safety tips for Memorial Day travel

Ga. highway safety tips for Memorial Day travel

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - As drivers hit the road in Georgia for Memorial Day weekend, officials are reminding drivers to do so safety.

Robert Hydrick with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said there has been less traffic during the coronavirus pandemic, but there have been several reports of excessive speeding for the traffic that has been on the road.

Hydrick said state patrol and local law enforcement have been increasing their patrols on the road the past few weeks.

"Just ask everyone to be safe,” Hydrick said. “Just understand that the goal here at the Governor's Office of Highway Safety is anytime you're on the road, we want everyone to get where they're going safely and get home safely. And to do that, it's very simple. Number one, drive the speed limit. Number two, buckle your seatbelt. Number three, pay attention to the road. Put down your phone. And number four, never get behind the wheel if you're legally impaired to drive."

Hydrick is reminding drivers that the chances of crashing is greatly increased when you drive above the speed limit.

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