New Kombucha shop opens in Uptown Columbus amid COVID-19 pandemic

New Kombucha shop opens in Uptown Columbus amid COVID-19 pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - While many long time businesses are navigating the coronavirus pandemic, a Kombucha shop in Uptown Columbus is treading new waters as a new business and a new market in the area.

Owner of Beejou Craft Kombucha, Suhyoon Wood, said after getting a positive response about her Kombucha recipes, she decided to start a business last year, but was not expecting the pandemic to hit at the same time.

“We don’t know any different because this is just our existence as a new business. When we started out business amid the coronavirus, we immediately went into online. So, we were doing online orders where customers could do a curbside pick up, and then we were offering for orders over $25, free deliveries locally,” said Wood.

River Oak Boutique is a clothing store that’s connected to Beejou Craft Kombucha. It’s been open for four years, but recently moved to this location.The owner, Emma Ross, said they started renovating in January and decided to close the store during Georgia’s stay at home order.

“I guess it was like opening a business all over again. So, going into business is scary as it is, and moving locations. And where I was before was kind of like a hidden gem," said Ross.

She also said she was nervous to reopen because of the uncertainty around the pandemic, but stepped out on faith.

According to Wood, the support of the community has helped tremendously, which is why she’s hopeful for what’s ahead.

“I’m optimistic for our future just because we’re doing well amidst this. But I don’t know what the future holds. People are going out for their way right now, but what if a recession hits? How will that affect us a premium product producer?” said Wood.

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