Gov. Brian Kemp renews public health state of emergency in Ga.

Gov. Brian Kemp renews public health state of emergency in Ga.

ATLANTA, Ga. (WTVM) - Georgia’s public health state of emergency has been renewed for the third time, but the state is still slowly reopening the economy and easing on social distancing rules.

Starting next month, Georgians can have gatherings of 25 people as long as they maintain six feet of distance from one another. Governor Brian Kemp is asking Georgians to still wear face coverings in public in the new executive order.

“We don’t have a mandate for anybody to wear a mask, I think that’s part of the public health guidance. I’m proud to let Dr. Tumi speak to this. You know, wearing a mask helps prevent you or me from spreading the virus if we happen to have it. Especially if we’re asymptomatic and we don’t know it," said Gov. Kemp.

As some restrictions are easing up, more businesses have permission to reopen.

Beginning May 31, overnight summer camps are allowed to reconvene. On June 1, bars and nightclubs can open their doors and professional and amateur sports can resume. All entities will be expected to follow specific guidelines laid out in the executive order.

“One of the hardest things of all of this now that we’re in two battles, the battle to defeat the virus and the battle to reopen our economy, is to make sure people know that we’re still fighting both battles and not just the newest battles, and that we can’t forget all of these things that got us to where we are," said Governor Kemp.

In a press conference, Governor Kemp said if Georgians continue to follow the guidelines, then there does not have to be a second wave of COVID-19, mitigating and keeping the risk low can lead to allowing the state to open more things up.

Gov. Kemp also states the shelter in place order for elderly and medically fragile individuals will remain in place until June 12.

Read both executive orders below.

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