EXCLUSIVE: Former WTVM anchor recounts community outrage in Minneapolis

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Former WTVM anchor and reporter Georgia Elysse, now Georgia Fort, shares her experience living in Minneapolis as protests take place in response to the death of 46-year-old George Floyd.

According to Fort, civil unrest continues even after the arrest of the Minneapolis police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck.

Friday afternoon, Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. Minneapolis resident Georgia Fort said community outrage continues.

“If the district attorney made the arrest because of the pressure and he made the arrest to make sure there is no more burning, then in three and 6 months when we don’t get a conviction, there is going to continue to be unrest in the city," said Fort.

Following uprisings in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis’ mayor issued an 8 p.m. curfew for Friday evening. Fort said gas stations and all major retailers are now closed, and most companies are choosing to shut down to protect their employees.

“You’re seeing the result of a community that has begged for justice time and time again," said Fort. “A community that has asked please value our lives and over and over again the pleas and the peaceful protests have not resulted in justice.”

As a business owner and community member, says she doesn’t agree with the fires and looting but she does understand the anger of people in the area.

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