EXCLUSIVE: Family honors the life of 7-year-old who died in vehicle accident in Columbus

EXCLUSIVE: Family honors the life of 7-year-old who died in vehicle accident in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - New details are coming available on the fatal accident that took the life of a seven-year-old Tuesday night.

Muscogee County Corner Buddy Bryan said Mariah Lewis died after being partially ejected from her dad’s car. Now, family members are honoring her young life.

Mariah was preparing to enter second grade at Forrest Road Elementary School in Columbus

“We need all the prayers we can get, so please, pray for us," Mariah’s aunt said.

Mariah’s mother, Britney Crump, said her daughter and two sons had left with their dad not long before the fatal accident.

“They were going out to get pizza," Crump said.

What lead to the accident is still a mystery in the eyes of many. Some said there was a police chase, but officials disagree.

“Evidently, there was not a chase," Bryan said.

Bryan said Mariah was not properly fastened in her father’s car.

“She was ejected from the vehicle after the driver had already hit one vehicle and sideswiped another one,” Bryan said. "My understanding is the car rolled over and she was ejected.”

Mariah’s two brothers and dad survived the accident. Crump said Mariah’s dad is not coping well.

“Last time I heard from him was last night," Crump said. "He’s incarcerated now. He’s not doing well at all.”

Columbus police said Marcus Lewis is facing a number of charges at the moment, including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and damage to property. Detectives said Lewis was also wanted in connection to a shooting Sunday night.

As we wait to learn more about this tragic accident, Mariah's family is looking back on her short life and planning a vigil in her honor.

“This is her favorite coat. She would wear it in the summertime if she could. It’s her favorite coat. She wasn’t a girly girl. She liked to hang with the boys,” Crump said.

The only way to really know what happened the night of the accident is to watch the dash camera footage from law enforcement. WTVM has requested that video through the Freedom of Information Act.

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