Teen saves 3 people from Bainbridge house fire

Good News: Teen saves three people from Bainbridge house fire

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - A family in Bainbridge says they’re thankful after a teen stepped in to save them from a house fire.

“If it wasn’t for my neighbor, we probably would have died in there," said Saltreseyiah James.

She said she was in a deep sleep when her house caught fire Tuesday.

James told us grease was left on the stove, then she, her friend, and dad all fell asleep.

Saltreseyiah James, Saved from house fire
Saltreseyiah James, Saved from house fire (Source: WALB)

“So I got up, and then I was like ‘oh, I gotta get out of here. So I got up, got my shirt, I covered my nose and I was tryna get out,” said James.

That’s when their neighbor, 18-year-old Chianti Bryant said he jumped up to help after realizing James was home and hadn’t gone to work that day.

“I was kicking the door and it got stuck and I kept kicking. And then when I looked to my left, somebody was coming from out the window, and I grabbed him from out the window, pulled him out. Then I came back to the door and kept kicking the door,” said Bryant.

Finally able to kick in the door, Bryant let out James’ friend, then went back to get James after realizing she was still inside.

Teen Saves Three People from House Fire, Bainbridge
Teen Saves Three People from House Fire, Bainbridge (Source: WALB)

We asked him how it felt knowing he might have saved his neighbors’ lives, who he said he calls family.

“It was just first instinct really. It feels good, but it’s not like a trophy or nothing like that, it’s just I did a good deed for them because anything I ask for, they’ll get it for me if I need it. So, gotta help out as much as I can," Bryant told us.

While they can no longer live in this house, and only have a few things they can salvage, James said she’s grateful they are alive and well.

“I was traumatized when I got out. I’m just glad my friend came back in there because if he didn’t, I would’ve been messed up," explained James.

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