Harris County avoids voting issues on election day

Harris County avoids voting issues on election day

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - While some counties in Georgia had issues during the general primary election, residents in Harris County said the process of voting was relatively smooth.

“Once I got to the clubhouse in Harris County, it was pretty easy," said resident Gina Dewberry. "[I] walked in probably waited in line 10 minutes, then after that, got my little card, sat down, voted, and that was it easy.”

These thoughts were echoed by others in the Harris County community on social media. One man said his voting experience was pretty simple because he sent an absentee ballot a month ago.

“Yeah, we decided to do the absentee ballot this year," Justin Minton said. "Just with everything going on with the virus or what not, it just seemed kind of easier, didn’t have to worry about social distancing or anything. It took less than five minutes for me and my wife to vote. we took it down to the post office and mailed it off.”

Most people in the Harris County area said they’re wait was five to 10 minutes to vote, and the polling locations closed on time at 7 p.m. Harris County’s election supervisor said it took leaders at the Harris County Board of Elections from Wednesday morning until 3 p.m. to get the election results processed.

"The secretary of state’s office sent us an email. I think it was a little after midnight last night and said that they were releasing us to be able to go home and then start back up this morning, " said Sherrail Jarrett.

Jarret said they have about 80 ballots that will need to be updated and turned in by Friday for processing. She also said she doesn’t believe there is enough to make a difference in any of the races that had opposition.

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