Local store in Auburn donates supplies to protesters

Local store in Auburn donates supplies to protesters

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - A locally owned t-shirt and print shop in Auburn is providing personal protective equipment and sign-making materials for those participating in peaceful protests in the city.

According to Eric Stamp, owner of Stamp Auburn, for the past two rallies and for future demonstrations held in Auburn, the store provides markers, poster board, buttons, and more for demonstrators to make their own signs and show support for the rallies.

They’re also giving out masks and hand sanitizer. Stamp said by helping demonstrators make signs and stay safe during the protests, they’re also helping enact change.

"It's an issue we support,” said Stamp. “My family supports, I personally support, and my entire staff supports. We're right downtown, so a lot of things happen here. They happen right in front of us. We always try to step up and help when there's an issue we believe in."

According to the owner, they also participated in the rallies in Auburn. He said it was inspiring to see the large number of people and the diversity of those participating.

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