Fourth man arrested in relation to campaign music video for new DA-elect

Fourth man arrested in relation to campaign music video for new DA-elect

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Another man is behind bars and is facing charges for his participation in a campaign music video for Attorney Mark Jones.

Friday, there are new details from a paving contractor about what it would take to clean up the damage done to the Columbus Civic Center parking lot.

Chris Garner is the fourth person to face charges in relation to Jones’ campaign music video where vehicles are seen doing donuts, leaving tire marks on city property.

Officials estimate the damage at $300,000.

“If you seal coat the whole property the civic center sits on, you may be out of $100, 000, that’s if you seal coated and restriped," said Antonio Foster with Flatline Striping.

Four people are facing charges for these marks that were allegedly made during a campaign music video for Jones who won the district attorney seat this week.

The first two arrests paid bond and are awaiting hearings. Jones was released without paying a fee and also still faces these charges. The most recent arrest came Friday morning.

“So, they charged this Chris McKinnon fellow with a 300,000 dollar bond and again charging him with frivolous felonies," Jones said.

In the system as Chris Garner, the young man is facing multiple charges including damage to government property and laying drag. His bond was originally set at $300,000 but was reduced to no fee, according to family.

“The bond system is all jacked up in Columbus," Jones said.

Officials say the $300,000 bond came from the estimated damage to the parking lot. Local paving Foster said there’s no way that’s the case.

“If it’s on asphalt, we can seal coat the parking lot and make the parking lot black in that area. But it’ll look different from the actual normal asphalt because the asphalt has never been seal coated before. You know asphalt will wear off over time," Foster said.

Jones is calling for the charges against all involved to be dropped.

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