Is that a mountain lion or a monkey?: Woman catches escaped pet on video

‘If I don’t get this on video, no one is going to believe me.’

Escaped monkey caught on camera

ALTON, Mo. (KYTV/Gray News) – April Holesapple’s heart started racing when she saw something run by her truck.

"From behind it, I thought it was a mountain lion because it was orange and white and it had a big long tail,” she said.

But it turned out to be something much different.

“And then it turned its head and I saw clearly that it was a monkey," she said. “So, I got my phone and I thought, if I don’t get this on video, no one is going to believe me.”

The monkey disappeared for a couple of days and then reappeared on Thursday.

Holesapple was able to track down the owner of what turned out to be a 9-year-old patas monkey, a species native to Africa.

Eventually, the woman was able to coax it back home with some bananas, but it took a bit of time to gain its trust because she’d only had her new friend a few weeks.

She purchased the monkey at an auction over Memorial Day weekend.

For Holesapple, it was par for the course in what has already been a crazy year.

“What else could happen, right? We got monkeys, COVID-19 and riots,” she said. “But this really topped it all off. I couldn’t believe it.”

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