Lee County residents raising health concerns of recycling center next to their homes

Lee County residents raising health concerns of recycling center next to their homes

LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WTVM) - Dust, debris and the constant smell of rotting trash are just a few of the things people in the Oak Forrest subdivision, neighborhood in Lee County, said they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Right next door is Sand Hill Recycling, a trash disposal site right outside of Auburn. One woman grew up in the neighborhood, and after coming back to the area said the neighborhood is unbearable for some.

“Most of the people in the neighborhood are elderly retired people and they can’t even sit out in their yards of their homes because of all of the debris that’s flying in their yards," said Bridget Dowdell. "Like I said, the dust, they have to wash their cars like every other day. It’s getting really hot, so the hotter it gets, the worst the smell gets.”

Resident Terry Buford, who lives right across the street from the recycling site, has been protesting along with his neighbors outside of Sand Hill Recycling for the past two days. He said he’s reached out to city officials and the company since 2012 about outgoing issues.

“We are protesting about the conditions they got us in, which effects the conditions and our property values are in. And we’ve been trying to get them to move. We’ve been trying to get them to move since 2012,” Buford said.

One of the biggest concerns for people in the area is the value of their property and the potential health effects of living so close to Sand Hill Recycling. Residents are hoping that it will be moved out of the area. News Leader 9 reached out to D&J Enterprises, the owners of Sand Hill Recycling, for a statement and was told they have no comments at this time.

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