Harris County community holds peaceful protest, despite interruptions

Updated: Jun. 15, 2020 at 9:14 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The Harris County community came out for a peaceful protest at Town Square in Hamilton to support the Black Lives Matter movement and speak out against racial injustices across the country.

“Seeing all the social injustice and police brutality that is going on right now, it’s like, I think the time is now," said Tevin Revells. "You know we came together.”

Twin brothers Tyler and Taylor James of Harris County said they came out to take a stance and raise awareness of injustices they say happens in the area and that people shouldn’t ignore it.

“How many more names have to be added to the list before you finally open your eyes, you know like it ain’t gonna change unless somebody like you stands up too," said James. "Like one group of people is not going to change everything, now if you add to it, then we stand a chance of actually making a change in the story.”

During the rally, a group of men, counter-protesters, were waving confederate flags, yelling all lives matter and at times, attempting to agitate the crowd.

One man was seen arguing with peaceful protesters and saying George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis sparking national and global protests, was not about race.

“Say people. Hey that joker murdered a guy. He murdered a man. He should go to prison, but not saying he’s white against black murder. Ya’ll making it racism.”

Despite the interruptions, a Hamilton woman said they did not let that interrupt the rally.

“The reason why we was here was to do our rally, do our protest, um and come together and those individuals that were here, that were being negative, we just disregarded what they were saying, we just focused on the real reason that we were here, and we didn’t let that stop us from what we were doing," said Rhona Bray.

The two organizers of the event said they heard of the possibility of people coming to counter protest, but were determined to bring the community together and continue their peaceful protest.

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