Harris County Schools requesting parent input concerning reopening school in the fall

Harris County Schools requesting parent input concerning reopening school in the fall

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - As the month of June winds down, Georgia public schools are planning their reopening process for students.

In a survey sent out by the Harris County Schools Board of Education, they’re asking parents for their feedback.

“We’re trying to plan really what the start of school is going to look like and having community input into that process is essential,” said Dave Dennie, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. “We waited a little bit to see what other districts throughout the state and the country done and put together our beginning initial surveys.”

Questions on the survey pertain to how comfortable people feel sending their kids back to school, riding school buses, and wearing face coverings throughout the day. One Harris County mom said distance learning wasn’t the best option for her kids. She prefers that they return to school in-person in the fall so they can excel in classes and interact with kids their age.

“I also work in law enforcement and I work at night. My husband’s in the military, so being there during the day to stay on top of them is really difficult for us and I know a lot of working parents,” said Ashley Forrest.

Forrest would also like to see options on the table for parents to choose from either distance learning or in-person classes. She also isn’t the only mother concerned about the effects of online classes.

One Cataula mother said the internet isn’t dependable for many people in the Harris County area and remediation could be a possibility if kids cant take classes in person.

“I think there is already going to be a lot of remediation from the last school year, so it just doesn’t make sense to put them further behind, especially since like I said, my kids are kind of going to school right now,” said Stacey Hopkins.

The school has received about 800 surveys back and will be accepting them until July 3. To fill out the survey, click here.

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