Columbus organization raises awareness of Macon Dixon Line

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - There’s one road in the Columbus area that some consider a division between different parts of town.

This is Macon Road, also referred to as the Macon Dixon line. It’s also compared to the cultural border that separates northern and southern states in the U.S. This is why people in the community and “Southerners on New Ground” in Columbus held a silent protest Sunday.

“Anyone that’s from Columbus knows that this line divides our city racially, culturally, socially and economically,” said Monica Whatley.

The call to action of the protest was to defund police, use money to invest in the community and the resignation of President Donald Trump. “Southerners on New Ground” believe all three things will help improve communities locally and nationally. They’re also hoping to get conversations started on disparities between the north and south side of Columbus.

“We are still so divided and we need to come together and we need to have the talks,” said Raijeim Douglas. “The after talks. We need to go into the neighborhoods of these people, the south side and have the open talk. Put a platform up there because they want to beautify their city, but they’re not given the opportunity.”

One Columbus man said they want efforts made to increase housing supply in Columbus, reduce the housing crisis in the country for people who live in Columbus and reduce the spacial discrimination that happens against black and brown people in the area.

“North Columbus is where we have so much of the wealth concentration for people who want to own houses and own single family housing, which takes up property value, which takes up more wealth and concentration of wealth and resources and land,” said Harry Underwood. “And inflates the property value of for people who live further down in south Columbus.”

Southerners on New Ground wants to continue discussing these topics in future zoom meetings.

Click here to learn about the organization or join in on the conversation.

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