Missing Harris Co. man found alive in wrecked car by Good Samaritan

Missing Harris Co. man found alive in wrecked car by Good Samaritan

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - A Harris County man was reportedly missing for more than 18 hours before he was found inside his wrecked car on Hamilton Pleasant Grove Road near Pine Mountain.

Eric Tindall is recovering in the hospital Friday night. His family said if it wasn’t for Joe Musolino and his son, Eric Tindall may not have made it out alive.

“Help me, please get me out of this seat belt. Please unhook my seat belt. But he said I can’t do it. If I do it, it might really injure you worse.”

These are the words exchanged between Eric Tindall and Musolino minutes after he was found, according to Eric Tindall’s cousin, Keaton Fuller.

She said Wednesday started out like any other day. Eric Tindall left for his shift at the Mando factory in the early morning hours. But when he never arrived to work, family members knew something went wrong.

It wasn’t until 1:30 a.m. Thursday, nearly 20 hours later, when Eric Tindall was found down an embankment, fighting for his life. Musolino said he saw the family’s Facebook post asking for help looking for Eric Tindall. That’s when he grabbed flashlights and headed out to search.

“I saw that the curve was here, and the big brush on a map. And I also figured the bridge was in this vicinity. So, I was kind of focused on that bridge,” said Musolino.

Musolino’s 13-year-old son was the first to spot Eric Tindall’s car after flashing a light into the woods just off the road.

“Something like beamed it right back at me, and I was like, what the heck is that?” Lorenzo Musolino said. “So, I looked and it was the missing black car.”

Eric Tindall’s father, Jeff Tindall, said without the help from Musolino and Lorenzo, his may not have made it out alive.

“From what I understand, the gentleman that found him finally heard his voice hollering for help,” Jeff Tindall said. “So, God has a way of sending people when you need them the most.”

Eric Tindall told family members all he remembers moments before flipping down the embankment is swerving to avoid an oncoming truck that was driving in the wrong lane. The truck never stopped or turned back after he went off the road and authorities don’t have any leads at this time.

Eric Tindall is doing okay, according to his family, and is recovering after having spinal surgery Thursday. He still has a long road to recovery.

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