Company creating vials for COVID-19 vaccine brings more jobs to Auburn area

Company creating vials for COVID-19 vaccine brings more jobs to Auburn area

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - Hundreds of new jobs are being brought to the Auburn area by a company called Si02, which creates vials and syringes used for vaccines for COVID-19.

Over the past couple of months, the company has made expansions that are employing people in the city and playing a role in getting COVID-19 vaccines to the market faster. Lawrence Ganti, the president of Customer Operations at Si02, said their technology prevents vials from breaking and is safer for administering medicine.

“We have a new unique technology that takes everything that you get from glass and everything that you get from plastic and bring the two together,” said Ganit. “So, the whole concept is it’s time to rethink glass and we’re basically taking a plastic container and applying a glass-like barrier in the inside. And that’s extremely important and extremely unique for the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry.”

According to Ganti, the company is currently working with pharmaceutical companies that are developing vaccines for coronavirus and Si02 is supplying the vials needed to administer it. A lab technician who has lived in Auburn for several years said this is one of the reasons she loves her job.

“I’ve enjoyed my other jobs, but this is the first job I get to come to everyday and know I have a purpose. I have a reason for being here. What I do is possibly going to save somebody’s life and directly impact the world around me,” said Jennifer Timmons.

The company has also made an effort to hire people in the Auburn area. It’s been hiring engineers, production operators, maintenance staff, and more. Si02 also working with Auburn University to employ people. One Auburn graduate said he’s excited to be in a growing field.

“I went to Auburn University and I went into auto motives right after college and then went into dual hardware. This is a great opportunity to get into a field that’s growing and it’s going to also change the world eventually,” said Cody Clark.

Construction for the expansion started a couple of weeks ago and is expected to finish in September. There’s also still opportunities to get hired. Click here to apply.

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