Crowds for COVID-19 testing in Georgia and Alabama continue

Crowds continue for COVID-19 testing in Georgia and Alabama

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - People continue to line up for COVID-19 testing across Georgia and Alabama.

Between Thursday and Friday, about 600 people were tested at the Georgia Department of Health’s location in Columbus.

Pam Kirkland with the Columbus Health Department expects to see more cases identified in the coming days.

“After Memorial Day, we did see a spike in cases,” said Kirkland. “Just from what I’ve seen from different video from Fourth of July weekend, there were a lot of people doing things as normal, the old normal. So, there will probably be a lot more cases coming up in the next week.”

Kirkland said they notice about 100 cars in line after testing is supposed to stop, but they make sure to get them tested.

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