The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper hosts virtual legislative town hall

The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper hosts virtual legislative town hall

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Georgia lawmakers wrapped up the 2020 legislative session several days ago, and pushed through key pieces of legislation, from a new hate crimes bill to one that helps coronavirus victims in the state’s nursing homes.

The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper, a publication in Columbus, Fort Benning, and Phenix City, hosted a virtual town hall with several Columbus state lawmakers explaining what bills passed and how they will affect people in the Chattahoochee Valley. Among the legislation related to the coronavirus was one that helps provides more medical staffing at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It also provides more protection for seniors who may become infected.

“For our elderly citizens, citizens that are in nursing homes and personal care homes, if there are 25 beds or more, there are additional requirements to keep our elders safe in terms of more staffing and more medical staff, as well as on site and also during COVID-19,” said Georgia State Representative Carolyn Hugley. “We all saw how our nursing homes and personal care homes were hit very hard and this bill addresses that, such that if there is anyone who comes down with a virus in one of these facilities, the facility has up until 5 o’clock the day after to notify the representatives of those citizens who are housed there. And this went a long way for protecting our loved ones and our seniors. So, we are very pleased that we’re able to get this bill passed this year.”

Lawmaker also lauded passages of the hate crimes bill.

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