Stopwatch Urgent Care teams up with Walmart for large-scale COVID-19 testing in East Ala.

Stopwatch Urgent Care teams up with Walmart for large-scale COVID-19 testing in East Ala.

(WTVM) - With COVID-19 testing sites in the Chattahoochee Valley inundated with hundreds of people in need of testing, Stopwatch Urgent Care is pairing up with Walmart, rolling out large scale testing for East Alabama communities.

According to Dr. Kyle Adams, the Chief Medical Officer of Stopwatch Urgent Care, they were overwhelmed with patients the past few weeks.

“We were getting to the point where we were having 200 plus patients show up to a single clinic of ours per day,” he said.

Many of those patients were also experiencing some frustrations while trying to get their tests.

“Patients were having to wait in huge, long lines,” Adams said. “Patients were waiting outside in the heat, and people were really uncomfortable, and rightly so with that.”

Now, Stopwatch Urgent Care is stepping up to the plate, partnering with several East Alabama Walmarts to provide large-scale testing for the area.

“We really think this is going to be great for our communities,” Adams said.

He said in order to take advantage of this testing, you make an appointment online, have a quick teledoctor appointment, and then head to the actual testing site at one of three Walmart locations in East Alabama, one in Phenix City on Highway 280, one in Opelika on Pepperell Parkway, and one in Auburn on South College Street.

“This offers a much better solution for everyone because the patients are able to wait in the comfort of their own home and they only drive over to the testing site when it’s their turn to get swabbed and be on their way,” he said.

According to Adams, they can see 120 patients per day per at each testing site.

“We will definitely be looking forward to expand to more Walmart locations as we move forward with this partnership,” he said. “Right now, we still have same day [appointment] availability at most of the sites.”

Adams said testing is free with insurance, and the federal uninsured program is paying for testing for those without insurance.

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