Father arrested in slaying of 10-year-old son; boy expressed fear for his life

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH/CNN) - Investigators are searching for the remains of a 10-year-old boy who they say was murdered by his father.

Court documents reveal Nakota Kelly warned his mother that his dad, Anthony Dibiah, was going to kill him because he had made his dad angry.

Dibiah’s westside Indianapolis apartment has been sealed by the Marion County Coroner’s office. According to court papers, the 37-year-old man suffocated Nakota with a bag inside of this apartment. He then took the boy into the bathroom to make sure he was dead.

Shortly afterwards, Dibiah called a family friend and said what he had done.

“And because No. 1, it’s summer, but also because people haven’t been in school, I think it is that much more important that the community is vigilant if they see things and are aware of things that they make law enforcement aware of what is going on so we can protect individuals who often times cannot reach out for themselves,” Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said.

According to court papers, the scene was nothing short of horrendous when officers entered the apartment. There was blood all over the bathroom. Dibiah was gone, and there was no sign of the 10-year-old boy.

“The scene here and some of the images that are going to be depicted are just one of those things that will stay with you forever,” Mears said.

Earlier, Dibiah had asked a friend for some luggage.

On Sunday morning, according to the probable cause, he is seen on surveillance video loading items into his vehicle, and he threw one bag into a community dumpster.

He sent a text message to a person identified as HK that said, “Sometimes, I hear voices. My son is in heaven.”

Late Sunday evening, Dibiah called someone in Texas and told them, “I killed my son.”

Dibiah was picked up by a Missouri State Trooper and taken into custody. When he gets back to Indiana, he could face life in prison.

“This type (of) case will be considered either life without parole or death penalty. One of the statutory aggravators you can use is anytime a person less 14 years of age. That certainly kicks in that conservation,” Mears said.

Police are still searching for Nakota’s remains.

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