Muscogee County School Board chair explains school reopening delay

Muscogee County School Board chair explains school reopening delay

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Changes in the Muscogee County School District (MCSD) have caused some frustration among parents.

Initially, parents were given the choice to send their students to school in person or virtually. Now, all students are starting virtually August 17.

“They’ve had months now that they could’ve been planning something, and now all of a sudden at the last minute, they decided that they were going to change their minds instead of having a choice model they were going to keep us home for three weeks,” said one mother, Maria Phillips.

According to Muscogee County School Board chair, Pat Hugley Green, the changes being made by the school district are determined by the community’s response to coronavirus and how the disease is performing in the Muscogee County district.

“COVID, the disease itself, we have no control over that, and so providing the information as we get it is what we have,” said Green. “So, there’s no information that’s sitting somewhere that people are deciding not to share. It’s literally changing.”

According to Green, teachers will start school August 3 and students will start virtually August 17. She also said virtual learning will continue and will be reevaluated Sept. 9 to determine whether or not in-person-classes can reconvene. This decision is made based on coronavirus cases in the state and the county. If the school district decides it’s safe for students to return to school, then parents will be given a choice of continuing virtual learning or moving to in-person classes.

Another concern among parents are maintaining their day jobs while also making sure their children are able to do virtual school.

Hugley Green said teachers will be training and preparing to teach classes virtually and more information will come from the school board as we get closer to August 17.

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