Harris County High School seniors have in-person graduation

Harris County High School seniors have in-person graduation

HAMILTON, Ga. (WTVM) - After having a non-traditional high school senior year, Harris County 2020 graduates got to experience some normalcy with an in-person graduation held on the school’s football field, with parents watching from the stands.

One graduating senior said she’s happy she got to walk with her classmates.

“I felt like the day was never going to get here, but I am glad that we actually got some form of graduation and we got to walk across the football field and get our diplomas like the traditional way,” said Makenzie Mcauliffe.

Harris County’s commencement ceremony was split in two: one at 8 in the morning and the other at 10. Students were split into four sections across the field to make sure they were social distancing.

The high school’s principal says after learning the school wouldn’t be able to hold an indoor graduation, they went to the drawing board.

“We immediately thought well how could we still honor these guys, you know we’ve got the field, we’ve got this opportunity,” said Tyler Dunn. “Then we were faced with choices of one ceremony or two, then the question there is how many tickets will kids get. We wanted to honor again the people that we’re involved.”

According to Dunn, it is important to give the students and their parents a special ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments and getting through a trying school year. One high school senior says this year has taught him how to handle hardships.

“I guess it just teaches you, you’re going to have to deal with change and like things are going to be thrown at you unexpectedly and you’ve just got to learn how to deal with it,” said Lucas Marlow.

The Harris County High School principal said he’s thankful for the students and parents’ patience and resiliency this school year.

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