New Birth Outreach Church in Georgia holds socially distant worship services

New Birth Outreach Church in Georgia holds socially distant worship services

MIDLAND, Ga. (WTVM) - After nearly three months of closing its doors and holding virtual worship services amid the coronavirus pandemic, New Birth Outreach Church in Midland has held socially distant in-person church services since June, with the health of its congregation as a top priority.

“We feel like even as the church in the middle of a pandemic, we have to institute the guidelines of the CDC,” said Pastor Carlos Coleman. “We have to be a good neighbor as well, and so they’ve shared with us that 6 feet and if both of us have a mask on then there’s less than a 6% chance of us transmitting the disease, so that’s what we’re doing.”

It doesn’t stop there, they also require temperature checks before walking in the church. Once inside, ushers escort guests to enter and leave the sanctuary and also escort them to their seats. One church member said she feels comfortable attending in-person services due to the guidelines the church has set.

“This is my second time here and I know that they have a lot of, my second time back I know that they are very strict in the protocol as far as wearing masks and actually being social distanced as we are seated a part,” said Liz Jones.

They also sanitize all touched surfaces between worship services and have hand sanitizing stations at all entrances. The church is currently only allowing 50 people in the building each service so if you’re planning on visiting, you’ll have to reserve a seat online.

”We just want people to feel safe coming back into the house of the lord to worship, for those that want to be,” said Quleria Person, Pastor Carlos’ lead assistant. “Because a lot of people don’t have family members at home, they’ve been through this pandemic the whole time by themselves so this definitely gives them this that opportunity to come in and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Pastor Carlos said they hope to increase the amount of people allowed at each service at some point. For now they’re making sure they’re keeping ushers and greeters trained for the protocol.

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